Eat fresh, delicious, seasonal produce straight from our farm every week throughout the season 

Reduce waste: forget the supermarket plastic packaging and get all your veg in one lovely re-usable bag

Support your local small farm

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What is

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Quotes from current members

"I didn't know salad and potatoes could have so much taste!"

"I like buying local and the idea of fresh veg grown locally without pesticides appealed to me"

"The recipes and updates are great. Also, who knew that cucumbers could be so tasty!"

"The variety has been brilliant, trying out different vegetables has been interesting and it's been great trying new things we would never have tried otherwise."

"We wanted to support a local business, reduce plastic waste and get better at eating the seasons."

"Yummy salad"

"I have loved eating meals with produce from so close to home."

"It shapes how we eat for the week."

"Great diversity of very fresh and locally grown vegetables"

"Loved the idea of being able to buy fresh, organic, local vegtables, right at my doorstep and being able to support
two fabby farmers with their business."

"I also liked coming to collect it, it gives a true experience of food straight from the ground to your plate"



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