What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

CSA is a system which shares the rewards and risks of farming between the producer and consumer. 


Customers commit to receiving a share of the farm’s harvest throughout the growing season, and if possible pay up front at the start of the season to help the farmer plan.


Customers are more involved in the farm through open days and feedback on different crops and varieties, and in return for their commitment they receive a greater share of the harvest if there's a bumper crop.

It is one of the best ways to create a fairer and more sustainable

food system.

Why should I join?

  • Support your local small farm; be part of the movement for a more sustainable food system

  • Eat fresh, delicious, seasonal produce straight from our farm every week throughout the season; May to December

  • Reduce waste: forget the supermarket plastic packaging and get all your veg in one lovely re-usable bag

  • Receive a weekly newsletter and recipes

  • Join us for open days on the farm